Hey, I'm Atau

I'm a down-to-earth guy seeking a way to a fulfilled and free life.

I work as a full-time apprentice Tradie for Metal Fabrication and in my free time, I mix and produce music in the hopes of one day becoming a big-time DJ.

The idea of making money online and on the side has never crossed my mind. I was raised and brought up to believe that in order to achieve my dreams and maintain my life, I needed to work long and hard hours at my job (7-3 work hours)

But because of that 7-3 grind and the demanding work that came with being a Tradie, I didn't have much time to pursue my passions, and attempting to pursue them exhausted me every day, making me less motivated to pursue those interests, better and improve myself.

I was burned out and tired when I realized I couldn't financially support myself and pursue my dreams of becoming a DJ. I had to make a decision.

I had two options:

A. Give up on my dreams in order to live a dull, exhausting life OR

B. Quit my job and lose my ability to live an independent life.

I Chose Option C.

I decided I would leave my Tradie Life behind but not before I built up a business, began generating my own wealth, took charge of my life and take back my time to give myself the opportunities to pursue my music career and become the best version of myself.

But I had no idea where to start…

In my search for an answer, I stumbled upon...

The Freedom Affiliate Launch!

A simple, very powerful online business training model that combines marketing and mindset.

What this course will show you is the Time Freedom framework which will help you build a successful, automated online business, no bullshit.

This training gave me the right information that I needed to jumpstart my side hustlers and turn them into huge money-makers.

As someone who was stuck and lost, trying to figure out where to start and what you need, my mission is to help you find your path and take that first step to become your best self.